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Selection of raw minerals from all over the world. Unique collection pieces, ideal for an original gift idea or lithotherapy.

Mineral category: raw and polished collection stones


  • Agate
    46 products

    There is a very large variety of Agates with multiple colors that can be found in various forms.

  • Aigue-marine
    7 products

    The Aigue-marine is a mystical stone whose sustained blue reminds the world of the sea and the ocean.

  • Gross amethyst
    50 products

    The Amethyst is taken for the beauty of its purple crystals and its many virtues.

  • Apophyllite
    8 products

    The white and green translucent crystals of Apophyllite evoke softness, purity and freshness.

  • Aragonite
    2 products

    Aragonite is formed mainly in caves, near hot water sources or in the seabed.

  • Azurite
    7 products

    Azurite owes its name to its superb intense blue color.

  • Baryte
    17 products

    Baryte is a mineral that is both heavy and delicate. Its shades range from light to ochre through green and blue.

  • Cavansite
    7 products

    Cavansite is a rare and unique mineral. Its electric blue spherical rosettes are very appreciated by collectors.

  • Célestine
    2 products

    Nicknamed "the stone of the Angels", the Celestine is composed of crystals with translucent blue.

  • Citrine
    10 products
  • Rock crystal
    70 products

    The Rock Crystal is nicknamed the "king of stones". It is the symbol of purity and perfection.

  • Dioptase
    11 products
  • Fluorite
    20 products

    We can find the cubic crystals of the Fluorite in all colors of the spectrum.

  • Cristal genus
    37 products

    Cristal geode is frequently used to recharge crystals through its energy properties.

  • Garnet
    2 products

    Garnet comes in a wide range of colors. Rhodolite garnet is prized for its intense red color.

  • Jaspe
    4 products
  • Labradorite
    33 products

    The colour games and intense reflections of Labradorite make it an essential stone.

  • Lapis Lazuli
    10 products

    Lapis Lazuli has been used for millennia for jewellery, decoration, collection or lithotherapy.

  • Lithophyse
    2 products
  • Malachite
    55 products

    Malachite has intense green colours. It is recognized to be an effective lithotherapy pain medication.

  • Moldova
    18 products

    The Moldavite is a variety of Tectite (family of natural glasses) that formed 15 million years ago during the impact of a meteorite on earth.

  • Péridot
    5 products

    Also called Olivine, the Péridot was one of the favorite stones of Cleopatra because of its bright green.

  • Prehnite
    34 products

    The Prehnite is a rare mineral that often occurs in the form of light green to milky white spheres.

  • Pyrite
    25 products

    Pyrite is a stone used since prehistoric times. Its golden metallic hues are reminiscent of gold.

  • Quartz à inclusions
    14 products
  • Raw Smoky Quartz
    26 products

    Smoky natural and enchanting reflections of the smoked Quartz have always been a passion for collectors.

  • Pink quartz
    24 products

    Pink Quartz has been used for thousands of years by every civilization on the planet to create jewelry, amulets, sculptures and tools.

  • Rhodochrosite
    24 products
  • Sapphire
    24 products

    The Sapphire is a very popular gem in jewellery for its beauty, its color palette and its hardness.

  • Septaria
    26 products

    Nicknamed "Dragon Stone", Septaria is often found in the form of an egg or pebble crystallized inside.

  • Tanzanite
    6 products

    Tanzanite is a variety of blue Zoisite with violet, sometimes Magenta, green or brown that has the particularity of changing reflections according to the angle of view and light (tricroidism).

  • Topaze
    1 product

    Whether translucent, blue or orange, the Topaze is a very coveted stone for its quality and aesthetics.

  • Crude tourmaline
    11 products

    The Tourmaline "the stone with a thousand colors" is surnamed for the richness of its palette of colorful shades.

  • Other minerals
    27 products

    Here you will find a selection of raw and polished natural minerals. For collection, decoration, gift idea or lithotherapy.

  • Pendules
    27 products

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