Loyalty, sponsorship & membership

Loyalty, sponsorship & membership

Discover our loyalty, sponsorship and affiliate programs

We reward our customers and ambassadors through our various loyalty, sponsorship and affiliate programs.

Get rewards for your purchases

Programme de fidélité

Be rewarded for every order made on the online store! You will receive a reward equivalent to 5% of the amount of each purchased product. Your balance may be deducted from your future orders on the site within 365 days.

Example: I buy a product at €100 on the online store, I get a reward of €5 that I can then deduct from my next order.

You will need to be connected to your customer account when you validate the order to benefit from the loyalty program. You cancreate an account on the site orconnect directly via Facebook or Google. Visit your customer space on the tab « Loyalty Program » to follow the evolution of your rewards.

Sponsor your loved ones

Programme de parrainage

You can sponsor your loved ones or members of your community using your sponsorship link. One.voucher of 5€ you will be offered every time a girlul validates her first order!

Your daughters will benefit when to them 10% reduction on their first order in addition to the customer loyalty program.

The sponsorship program is open to everyone. Visit your customer area* in the tab « Sponsorship Program » to access your sponsor URL and follow the evolution of your sponsorship requests and rewards.

*You can create an account on the site in a click by logging in with Facebook or Google.

Participate in our affiliate program

Programme d'affiliation

You have the possibility of promote our products (minerals, crystals, gems, geodes and natural stone jewellery) through your social networks and other communication channels (website, blog, email, newsletter..) in exchange for one commission.

To know the conditions of our affiliate program you can contact us directly by email (contact@charliesgems.fr) or by phone at