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Weddings and stones

Discover which wedding anniversaries our stones are associated with

Since time immemorial and in most countries, the bride and groom celebrate their wedding with gems to symbolize their eternal love. It is a tradition that dates back to the Roman Empire and has spread to the present day. For several decades, gems have also been given to celebrate wedding anniversaries as a sign oflove, fidelity or luck.

Find out which gems correspond to which nuptials, according to the official list of the International Colored Gem Association (ICA).

Garnet wedding anniversary

2nd wedding anniversary

Grenat Rhodolite

With its bright colors, the Garnet symbolizes passion in love.

Blue Topaz Wedding

4th wedding anniversary

Topaze bleue

In love, blue topaz represents deep attachment and honesty.

Tourmaline Wedding

8th wedding anniversary


Tourmaline brings wisdom, peace and serenity to the couple.

Opal Wedding

14th wedding anniversary

Opale Welo

The Opal is offered to his partner as a symbol of hope, purity and tenderness.

Peridot wedding anniversary

16th wedding anniversary


The Peridot is the emblem of "love at first sight" and represents the birth of true love.

Aquamarine wedding anniversary

19th wedding anniversary


Aquamarine strengthens and sustains the love, attachment and compassion of the bride and groom.

Imperial Topaz Wedding

23rd wedding anniversary

Topaze Impériale

Imperial Topaz awakens passion and attracts love and affection.

Tanzanite Wedding

24th wedding anniversary


Tanzanite is a symbol of softness, delicacy and harmony.

Amethyst Wedding

48th wedding anniversary


Amethyst is offered as a token of sincerity and fidelity, and helps to overcome jealousy.